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Desk Shelf Shell Black

Size Find your size ? 108 cm
  • Elevate monitors for improved spine health.
  • Staggered two-tier design for convenient phone placement.
  • Two-tier structure provides ample space.
  • Extra-large size of 108 cm to accommodate dual monitors.
  • Quick and easy 5-minute assembly.

Introducing our upgraded desk shelf with increased load-bearing capacity and aluminum legs. The 1.8 cm MDF desktop is scratch-resistant and stain-resistant, ensuring durability and a sleek look. Elevate your workspace with style and functionality.

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Desk Shelf Shell Black


Large. Stable.

Inspired by shells as an outer covering, to evoke a sense of protection, security, and a connection to nature.

-Designed by Fenge

Desk Shelf Shell

The large monitor riser with storage can support dual monitors, and provide additional space to keep your desk tidy and organized.

More details

Phone/Pad Stand

Hold your mobile in a comfortable view angle, completely hands-free. It is perfect for movies, meetings, and calling.

Cable Management

Hide cables behind the screens. Enjoy more working space and avoid safety hazards caused by tangled wires.

Anti-slip Foot Mats

Make the monitor riser more stable and safe. And avoid stand-leg scratches on the desktop.

Why Shell?

Screen Riser

Elevate your screens to eye level, promoting ergonomic and efficient sitting to prevent neck pain.

Easy Assembly

Quick and simple installation that can be completed by one person in just 5 minutes. Installation tools are included in the product package.

Material Update

Wood Board

Our desk shelf features 1.8 cm thick MDF boards, ensuring exceptional durability compared to the average level of 1 cm found in other products.

Aluminum Legs

We have chosen sturdy aluminum legs instead of wood legs to enhance the stability and strength of our desk shelf. It has a weight capacity of 50kg.


Dimension: 108 x 23.5 x 14.5 cm

Product Weight: 8.68 kg

Assembly Time: 5-8 minutes

Lifting Capacity: 50kg

Material: MDF+Aluminum


What are legs made of?

The legs are made of aluminum.

Can Desk Shelf Shell hold a TV?

Yes. The stand can support a TV with a maximum load of 50kg.

Can I put the keyboard under the monitor stand?

Yes. You can store the large size keyboard.

Can I store my laptop on the lower desk shelf?


Is the monitor riser for two monitors?


Does it come with everything needed to put it together?

Yes. Every part is organized and labeled.

Shell Setup

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Looks great - Massive tho!!!

I bought this after reading a review mentioning grovemade. I too see all the setups using these £300+ grovemade desk shelves and wanted something similar for a fraction of the cost.

This has a super cool design, was relatively easy to build and looks great overall.

However I have to say despite measuring, I still didn't fully realise how big this bad boy is. Something I didn’t fully think through was the height of it.

For reference the monitor on the left is the 28” Odyssey monitor from Samsung and on the right is a 24” Acer Nitro monitor, both of which are on Vesa arms clamped to the desk.

In the image you can see my vertical 24” monitor is only JUST high enough to sit above the shelf, like the arm its mounted on physically can’t go any higher for there to be a gap between the monitor and shelf.

So definitely something to bear in mind if you’re looking for a similar setup - mainly if you’re looking to still mount your monitors, if you just want to sit them on their stands on top of the shelf you’ll probably be fine!

All other dimensions are fine, I’m using the IKEA UPPSPEL 180x80cm desktop so I have ample space in front of the shelf and to the sides.

All in all very happy but also very lucky that the monitors just fit the way I wanted. Would recommend! ⭐️

Brilliant desk addition that helps organise and enhance a desk space

A very nicely packaged arrival landed on my doorstep and I quickly set about assembling it. Very easy and took me about 5-10 minutes. It's very sturdy and heavy so won't slide around. Perfect for adding a bit more sophistication to a desk space and provides lot's of useful storage space. Love everything about this. Great quality bit of kit.


Based off the only feedback of this product I tried my luck and wasn’t disappointed. The stand arrived in good time and condition. Was surprised and delighted with how well packed it was. With everything I needed to put it together (including the tools) along with clear instructions on how to put it together. Went together nicely and looks really good, it has really helped get my space clear and tidy!

Ashley Coker
The New Standard!!! (SPOILER - Better Than Grovemade)

Grovemade have released a niche line of desk shelving units that are upward of £300 upon receipt here in the UK after import taxes & duties paid. I’ve been searching for a similar alternative ever since. At a third of the price, look no further!

I was initially apprehensive seeing as this is the first review of the product, I didn’t have anything to go on. Deciding to bite the bullet, I was pleasantly surprised. A large box arrived with the panels inside that were very well packaged with shipping foam rather than polystyrene. The instructions provided are printed on a A4 booklet, with clear and large diagrams.

After unpacking the parts, the build was a breeze and took 45mins approximately.

A few tips: try to have a second pair of hands to push down the bottom panel when screwing in the 8 screws to the interior dividers. Without help, ensure you press down with your free hand as you screw in with the other (this may require a little force). The screws will then pull the panel flush, otherwise you’ll have a 2-3mm gap! Try and use your own Allen keys if you can - this will help immensely as the smaller key is under an inch in length.

Other than the one small Allen key, I don’t have any gripes whatsoever. I was left with arguably a better looking and more modern monitor stand.

THE BOTTOM LINE - As someone who works from home full time, I needed a sleek unit to fit under my monitor that is on a vesa mount to use for storage. Fenge have done an exceptional job in delivering a modern, reasonably priced unit without sacrificing build quality.

I can fully recommend this product and confidently say; Grovemade is no longer the standard! Buy it and don’t look back.

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